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Applications are currently closed! Please check back in Fall 2024!


  • Must be an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We unfortunately do not accept first-semester freshmen.

  • Open to all majors.

  • Have a passion for consulting.

  • Previous casing & consulting experience are not required to apply.


Learn more about the Wisconsin Consulting Club through our various events. Talk to some of our executive board members at the WSB Org Fair or Campus Wide Org Fair. Hear about our events and consulting opportunities at the Information Session. Ask questions to our members during the Networking Days. Members of WCC are excited to learn more about you!


We require all applicants to submit their personal statement, resume*, and unofficial transcript as a part of the  application process. 

The personal statement should answer the following questions (500 words maximum):

  • Why are you interested in the Wisconsin Consulting Club?

  • Why are you interested in consulting?

  • What do you hope to contribute to the Wisconsin Consulting Club?

Please include anything else we should know about you when considering your application.

*We encourage applicants to follow the Wisconsin School of Business's resume guideline, which can be found here.

Phone Interview (Invite only)

For applicants that qualify for the phone interview, we will reach out via email to set up a phone interview with a WCC member to learn more you and your interest in WCC.

Final Round Case & Behavioral Interview (Invite Only):

For applicants that qualify for the final round, we will reach out via email with a time slot for your interview. Candidates are highly encouraged to be familiar with the casing process. Business casual attire is strongly recommended.


What are the main factors considered in the application?

We offer a holistic approach to our application process. Here are the various factors we consider in an application:

  • GPA

  • Work Experience

  • Leadership & Involvement

  • Strength of Personal Statement

  • Knowledge of the Consulting Industry

  • Expressed Interest 

What are networking chats?

Networking chats are a great opportunity to learn more about the Wisconsin Consulting Club through talking with members. Within a 15 minute time slot, prospective members can ask current members any questions that relate to the club or application process. Candidates are highly encouraged to sign up for multiple networking chats.

What is covered in the information session?

The information session covers topics including club events such as our new member program, case interviews, consulting opportunities, and other related material. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with our executive board and ask questions along the way. 

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