At the Wisconsin Consulting Club (WCC), we make sure to admit highly achieving students from various backgrounds that share the same interest to pursue a career in consulting. With ~20% acceptance rate every semester, we have managed to gather like-minded people from different colleges, majors, and graduation year at UW-Madison.


Our membership is comprised of 56 returning UW-Madison students. WCC members are some of the most impressive students at UW. Our membership includes entrepreneurs, international students, and leaders across multiple organizations on campus.


We humbly introduce you our list of members, from the College of Engineering, Letters & Science, Business, Agriculture & Life Sciences, and Human Ecology.

Class of 2020

Class of 2021

Abigail Roseman 

AJ Lesar 

Alex Nelson 

Andrew Kowal 

Cal Kozlowski 

Cecelia Peterson

Charlie Chermak

Colin Durlacher 

Diana Xiong

Ella Zimbrick 

Grace Allen 

Hannah Lein

Ian Eickhoff 

Jack Grahek 

Jenna Scheffert 

Kate Xia 

Lauren Miller 

Leon Pan 

Matias Figari 

Maxwell Barendregt 

Micah Christofferson 

Nate Davis 

Nathan Yeh 

Nicoletta Sumarta 

Patrick Lacina 

Qiuxuan Wu 

Riddhi Kashyap 

Ronald Steinhoff 

Wally Estenson

William Coffey

Agalia Ardyasa 

Danielle Beyer 

Devang Bisen 

Jack Rubin 

Jack Tillotson 

Joseph Kahnke 

Joseph Patnode 

Karen Liu 

Katya Mikhailenko 

Lauren Schneiderman 

Lei Fang 

Levi Redlin 

Michael Dickson 

Michelle Buhai 

Peter Christenson 

SaLeya Yukel 

Satchi Mehta 

Victor Hinardi

Cale Pliska

Hasan Rahman

Tanay Maheshwari

Trevor Jones

Benjamin Boelter

Sofia Noejovich

Colin Segner

Class of 2022

Alex Handwerker 

Aneesh Patil 

Aria Zhou 

Isabella Sahmkow 

Mason Um 

Mitchell Kastanek 

Nelson Linscott 

Prasoon Sinha

Will Hanfland

Lily Jansa

Leta Krueger

Samantha Carroll

Holly Brinkman

Corinne Etzelmueller

Melissa Le

Siqi Wu

Exchange Students

Insa Schaffernak

Anthony Haryono

Pisut Manorat

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